You are at page “L&C” (licenses and certificates , issued by us and by which we operate). We work in close cooperation with companies |a|S|tec| (Germany), MacHOUSE (Ukraine), Bibliotheca (Switzerland).

The parties offer their clients customized solutions based on innovative technologies and expertise in the work, also providing each other mutual support.

We have partnership agreements – Siemens AG (Germany)

Certificate of participation in the affiliate program of the Department “Automation and safety of buildings (IC BT)” Siemens “for work with the following systems and equipment:

1. fire safety systems; Algorex; Cerberus PRO; 2. monitoring and control system MM 8000. – Atomium (Russia)

Ltd. TehAutomatizatsiya is an party partnership program

in the Republic of Belarus in the direction of Siemens Security Products for the promotion and implementation of systems:

SPC alarm Access control SiPass Integrated, Entro CCTV SiStore

Our work confirmed licenses:

  • A special permit (license) to carry out activities

to ensure fire safety. A special permit (license) is truly on August 26, 2016.

  •   A special permit (license) to engage in security

activities (design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of facilities and security systems). A special permit (license) is really on December 8, 2021.

Certificates for equipment: 1. The fire alarm system AlgoRex
2. Conclusion of the area and conditions of use Algorex